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Adidas F12

Valhalla-Adidas-Shirts2Been working a lot with one of the best companies on earth, Adidas. There’s a slew of our designs on their shirts recently. A few of my favorite designs ever are included in the F12 season, in stores now. Up top is a Grant Brittain collabs with his legendary photo of the Del Mar Skate Ranch worn by Lem Villemin. Another favorite of mine is the black tee above called “Hustle Daily” with the Hills to the Hood tag line I made up for Adidas, a bear crossing the H in hills and the broken bottle making the T in the. Fun stuff. Check more after the jump.


Brittain’s Vault with Chris Miller

mobilerider.embedVideo(2438, 47143 ,'', 600, 330, 'osmf', {extras:'skin:skateboardmag,muteOn:,autoplay:0,autohide:1'});Worked with both Grant & Chris a few times in my career. They're both amazingly nice with unbelievable talent & knowledge stored up that they're not afraid to share. Two of the coolest guys out there in all reality....